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I would also like more information on this.  Are their quoted rates in US dollars or Canadian.  How much does it cost to rent the android box?  We have good speeds as we have Ilox, but we currently use Shaw satellite for 500 pesos a month, and I believe that rate is hard to beat.

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Efi has been trying to do this business with LakesideStream for several years now. His health recently is not good. His customers have suffered because he's not a programmer, and they haven't received money back from lack of service.

If you are looking into a streaming TV business instead of Shaw, look at a person that actually controls the streams instead of trying to resell them. Someone who programs, versus someone who doesn't. Someone who maintains what is set up, versus a one time firestick set up.

If this is your criteria, then please contact www.LakesideTV.com. We're not free, we're not shaw, but we provide a happy affordable solution between the two!

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"Someone who maintains what is set up, versus a one time firestick set up."

Absolutely wrong for lakeside firesticktv! Others,that maybe the case. 

i continuously help people who need it. First call out, if needed free. The apps are automatically upgraded, and can also be done remotely.most of the questions and fixes are done by messenger or email. Free!!

the large majority of problems are internet and users not following instructions. 

on top of that i have stupidly answered calls upto 10pm on a Saturday snd Sunday. People wanting to know where they can find a certain movie on which channel showing a certsin football team.

thats not happening any more, i jeed to rest as well. Im not a doctor!

so to say theres only a one time setup and no back up is complete bollocks for my business.






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I have been involved in purchasing streaming programs (paid for) for many years now and never needed to pay for anyone to repair services. There are many systems around the world offering these type of programs for a reasonable cost. Much more reasonable costs than anyone could imagine. and consider no large initial setup fees etc.. Sure you need to have some kind of ability to set up the system but believe me it can be done very easily. The services are consistent and cover almost everything in some cases all languages.

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14 minutes ago, barcelonaman said:

I suggest you read your shaw contract before laughing.

I was agreeing with you...not disagreeing. I know full well you are spot on. Laughing because I know how many people have no idea what a Shaw contract even looks like. They just piggyback on someone else who's looking to make their service cheaper. I suspect those are the ones Shaw would like to catch.

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