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Art Hess Dog Training Class

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Tremendous news for those of us with dogs.  After hearing that Art is starting his class again, it took me 2 seconds to decide which of my miscreants is going. 

Art is starting a 6 week, basic obedience class on Sunday, Sept 22 at Pat Lawrie's old dog park in San Antonio. It's between La Floresta and San Antonio on Ramon Corona, #166. 10:30 to noon.

If you're interested, call or email Art for details. artthedogguy@yahoo.com     766-3580





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Wow. Just talked to Art. This class is full already. That says a lot about the great dog people around here.

He is planning another class with mid-January start date.  So contact him for details or early sign up or whatever.


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Room for all in Art's class

So, more news. Art is splitting his class, starting Sunday, Sept. 22, into two groups. Big dogs and medium/small. If you were turned away because the class filled, that's all changed now with this new arrangement. There is room. Contact Art for info and scheduling.

I'll be in the afternoon class with the lovely, "you call this a beagle, seriously?", Bobbi. See ya there.

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