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professional house spray toxic to cats

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My cat has had poison symptoms/liver damage that I think I have traced.  Cipromethina is highly toxic to cats however is used in flea powder for dogs.  Dogs can withstand Cipromethina/Perimethin but cats can not.  This is what our "professional" house sprayer sent me.

Hi Mrs. 

Here you have my used produtcs formulation:

22% It´s a chemicals group combination, their names are: Cipermetrina, alfa, ciano3, cis, trans3, fenoxibenxil 2.2, diclorovinil, dimetil, carboxilato y ciclopropano.

10% it´s Butoxido de piperonilo

68% it´s  H2o as solvent and emulsifient

All these chemicals have a sanitary license for urban use against pests and have a very low toxicity for humans, pets and plants.


I´m at your service


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