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I'd like to call or email Hugh.  The USA# 512-298-7357 says it's not accepting calls, and the 331-364-7839 has been changed or not in svc.  Is he still in business?   I've changed emails and totally lost track of him.

Thank you.

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The service is currently suspended and may not return. It's not my place to say what happened (just something unexpected, not any glitches in the business), so he should be sending out information to folks in the following weeks. I know that it is a much-appreciated service, so I'm sorry to see  it not active. Fingers crossed it comes back or someone else fills the gap...operating in the same safe, by-the-book manner as Hugh and his crew.

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Just received this from Hugh Roberts.... and Hugh, we thank you for your service over the years!




After much thought regarding recent events in my life, I have decided to close our Package Service from the states. I want to thank everyone for supporting our service over these last eight years. 
At the end of this week we will be taking down our zippmypackages.com website.
According to our records there are a couple of Packages still at the border and we will have them down here and delivered within the next week so do not fret. Just as a precaution and because we want to end this service on the right note, send me an email and let me know if you have anything undelivered that we have approved for transport. Respond to transport@zippmypackages.com
Our Broker at the border has asked us to please make sure NOTHING is sent to them—they will not be responsible nor will I for anything sent without permission from ZIPP.
Once again I thank you for your support over the years.
Hugh Roberts


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Just to recap, Alex Peterson is still in the delivery business, generally once a month. He also moves people and boxes to or from the States. Last time I talked to him, that's an important part of his business, although he still does local driving, facilitation, etc.

Last year, he took my van to get the smog certificate. Had to chase all over for it and ended up going to Guad because it was the last day.   I couldn't recommend him more highly.


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