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Any Model Rocketry folks in Chapala, or Jalisco, or Mexico?

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We will be newbies coming to Chapala in a few months. 

My husband is into model rocketry, Tripoli.org, NAR.org (the National Association of Rocketry), etc. 

  • Is this hobby known in Mexico? Are there folks in Mexico, and/or Guadalajara area, who share the same hobby? Are there past/practicing rocketeers here? 
  • Are model rockets allowed/legal to be brought into Mexico? 
  • If so, what might you advise us, ways to bring a small collection of these rocket kits in, within reasonable cost? 

Thank you very much.

- Eve C (aka, Miles's Mom)

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He should check it with NAR, they would know best  (and easiest....)

The challenge if any would not be the rockets themselves, but the "motors"  (those single use, solid fuel shotgun shell shaped tubes of propellant as I recall if the tech has not changed.....)

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Here is what a quick Google search reveled:





The quick answer appears to be yes. The Mercadolibre in Mexico is selling engines and kits.

I am in the Air Force Auxiliary and we teach rocketry to our Cadet Corps. They love it!

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Hi Guys and Ladies - Thanks for the helpful comments. We have sold/donated all our motors and kits to others and the local club. It is great to see the same kind of activities happening on the south of the border as well ( actually why not, the international event few years ago was in the old Soviet block so it is a small world. Wonder why it didn't occur to me to just Google it, guess the mental blinder I still have them on). I am sure we will be checking the local supplies and clubs once we get to your side. Thank you very much!

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