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Okay, we've heard about these guys, from Ocotlan. But today was my first exposure to them. Hotel Perico up off the libramiento just had it installed on the weekend. It included a pack of 30 TV stations (about which no one is sure if any are English, but I doubt it, although they did say SAP was available).

I tracked speeds up to 990 Mbps (that's right, about 125 MBps) using a hard-wired ethernet connect to the office laptop. However, the WiFi fell short and got weaker and weaker every extra foot away from the "modem"... that's right, too: just like iLox). In fact, a metre away the laptop maxed out at 19 Mbps down.

So once again I'm going to have to track down an affordable third-party router with strong WiFi to try and bypass the iFibra box and get a better signal.

iFibra told Tom that their main box is down at WalMart, and obviously they have run the fibre all the way to the hotel. Fascinating. Competition. Love it.


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Just an FYI , 


I had contracted internet from Telmex in a new place in Chapala. They "promised" fiber optic was available before renting, however at time of install it was ADSL , not even the faster VDSL that also supports longer "last mile" lines, with a max speed set in the modem at 5Mbps . Nothing close to the 20 I was promised on Fiber. 

Shortly after renting the place they were installing Fiber optic cables in the street. This was NOT TELMEX.  A few weeks later they came around offering fiber optic internet and I expressed interest , but apparently the salesperson went on to other work and never returned.

Now 3 months later I have a contract with iFiber to be installed this week. The speed contracted is 18Meg . The salesperson commented that my speed would probably be much higher because there are few subscribers in the neighborhood. Also this is symetrical meaning 18meg up and 18 Meg down. 

I do not believe iFiber owns the fiber in the street. I do believe the fiber is used as a conduit for multiple providers much like Ashland Fiber Network https://www.ashlandfiber.net/ , except it is private.

I will try to remember to post an update after installation.


As for the hotel internet scenario, I know that hotel, and I can say that no single WiFi access point will work in that situation. They need at least FOUR high power outdoor wireless access points each one directed to one side of the "wing" of each building . 2 wings, 2 sides , 4 access points. That is the ONLY way they will get coverage inside all the rooms.  That does not include coverage in the pool area or other areas. Wifi by design has a problem that the more people that connect to a single access point the slower it gets , yes even with MIMO (Multiple In Multiple Out because it simply has multiple access points in one)  wifi. MIMO only reduces the limitation, not eliminate it.  When I was on that network years ago there were usually more than 20 connected devices at any time . Even a single MIMO wifi can not provide optimum speeds with a 20 user minimum .  It is irrelevant if the user is using the connection, the wireless access point must maintain the connection. Wifi is only as fast as its slowest device (aside from MIMO which is as fast as the 2 slowest devices) , as if one user is connected to a weak wifi signal at 2Mbps , most wifi will slow down all connections to 2Mbps , or the lowest common denominator. At least with MIMO you get "multiple" access points but it really makes little sense to have multiple access points in the same location in that scenario. The only other option would be a low power access point in each room. but that would be a greater cost and require more cabling. 

I have worked with these systems in multiple locations, hotels, call centers,  businesses,  industrual properties , even gated communities with large security systems, in many places from Puerto Vallarta to San Miguel de .Allende.There is no other way you can get reliable internet INSIDE buildings without using HIGH POWER EXTERIOR Wireless access points, without wiring to all rooms..  One such location was 27 Hectareas near San Miguel de Allende, practically like a small town where internet, security cameras and telephones were delivered to most all corners of the property over a single wireless network. There are many newer devices to create mesh networks or to use a 5Ghz "wireless Backbone" with a single 2.4 to 5 Ghz repeater (not like a typical repeater)  that repeat the signal from one network 2.4 Ghz to the 5 Ghz network, negating all need for cabling and not having the limitations of "typical repeaters" .. 

I also understand that some people want to minimize cost . One should think about cost over the long term, fiddling with, replacing and adding consumer type wireless access points and the labor to do it, Building the system right from the beginning with more commercial type devices is a lower cost, long term option. 


Mark de Leon



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I have a Amped access point with SMA type antenna connectors (4) and 800 milliwatts of power. Unit output 2.4 and 5.0 wireless. You can get a variety of antenna that vary from 18 inch tall units to corner loaded units (works like a corner horn from klipsch).  I also have a outside unit that has 20 ft antenna wire of higher quality than normal wires. Yes unit was expensive (200 dollars) but worth every penny.  Since all my wifi hooks up to the Amped unit instead of the normal modem when I moved I didn't have to change any numbers and since I can never read correctly the stupid too small numbers without a magnifying glass this was great.  Connection from Ilox modem to access point is with a cat 6 wire as I have 300 Ilox service. I have found that line of sight is good for the 5.0 network but it is not so good at going thru walls.  Be sure to turn off Wifi on modem to avoid taking up bandwidth. It is a button on side of Ilox unit but when power fail Wifi is turned back on beware.  Telmex modem Wifi stays off after power fail recovery. Good Luck folks!!

Great we have many choices now isn't it!!!!

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Sorry, Streamers, that in no way says they have a single access point. And how did the owner come into that statement?

So you know, instead of making assumptions: my point covered his office, where the iLox box is located. And the information would be of interest to anyone installing iLox; it has nothing to do with the hotel's network.

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