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Amigos del Lago investigates New Developments

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The following list of developments is being investigated by the lawyer for Amigos del Lago, to verify the legality of the zoning, ecological studies, and building permits required by law.  Many of them were "regularized" administratively, ie, the government officials rubber stamped them.  The large (72 room and 25 villa) hotel on Chapinaya already has an injunction to stop building, but the Chapala government has yet to enforce it.

1.-Tres Cañadas
2.-Dommira Residencial
3.- Condominio Centro Laguna
4.- Tepetate
5.-Fraccionamiento Universidad
6.- Condominio Alebrijes en Ajijic
7.- Parcela 156z1p/14 Uso De Suelo Mixto Distrital Atotonilquillo

8.-Hotel Boutique Casa Del Lago Ajijic (I believe this is planned at the old Pepsi mansion on the malecon)
9.- Vista Del Condor
10.-Etapa 4 Del Fraccionamiento Cumbres De Chula Vista
11.- Rancho del Oro
12.- Condominio Loma Ancha
13.- Condominio Entorno Laguna 


Amigos del Lago is looking for people who are interested in preserving our lakeside's health and sustainablity.  If you are interested in joining, please PM me.

Thank you 


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On 7/19/2019 at 11:20 AM, Bisbee Gal said:

So much for the peace and quiet of walking the Ajijic Malecon with power boats and jet-skis parked there.  

You'll have your peace and quiet early in the morning and after it starts to get dark in the evening and by the way they don't make any noise while they're parked.


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1 hour ago, gcaschetta said:

I hate to be the skunk at the garden party here  however , I think the city of Chapala will do what ever they want no matter what  us gringos do to contest about expansion lakeside .

This is the link to the non-profit group involved in reviewing all of these permits issued by Chapala Gobierno.  There are actually broad zoning rules that are supposed to protect residential neighborhoods.   

Based on their website which has very little English content, they do not seem to be gringos.  https://www.facebook.com/pg/Sociedad-Amigos-del-Lago-de-Chapala-AC-317528205634600/posts/?ref=page_internal


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Amigos del Lago, A.C. Is a registered non-profit which has been active in preserving the lakeside for many years. You may be confusing them with the Chimalli Axixic, an informal committee that has little to show after 8 months of asking for, and receiving, over 100,000 pesos from the ex-pat communinity.

The Amigos del Lago has an amparo, injunction, against the Hotel Chapinaya (Montelago) and their lawyer, whose specialty is urban planning and development) is waiting to receive documents on ALL of the above mentioned planned developments.

That said, every citizen or legal resident has the right to live in a way that is healthy and decent. This is covered by the Mexican Constitution.

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