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1 hour ago, artsnob said:

Chicka was sited Saturday night by the food trucks next to donut shop. I talk to the owner left my card in case she shows up there again 

Haha, she knows where to look for Ken...

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You could try getting Doña Cuca (the lady in the truck who sells tamales, etc and has a loudspeaker) to blast it in all the neighborhoods she goes to, and she goes all over.  She will happily do it for you, a small donation would be in line.  Good luck.

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On 7/13/2019 at 9:24 PM, artsnob said:

My dog Chicka went missing this after, she snuck out when door was open,she has a I’d on collar, hopefully she will turn up.  Ken

We just heard that four small dogs were stolen Lakeside Saturday afternoon, I think that is what happened to my Chicka as she dissapeared without a trace, does anyone know where they are selling these dogs, I would buy my dog back..


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PLEASE put up posters. English/Spanish, include 'spayed' whether true or not, picture, reward. When my dog was stolen NOB, they kept taking down the posters and I kept putting them back up. Finally between his barking and posters all over the neighborhood, they let him go.

People see things but don't know it is important if they haven't heard about the dog or seen a poster. Kids are great because they see everything. Don't give up.

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