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Where can I buy a queen size bedskirt?

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I found our bedskirts got dirty from the mops then Martha Stewart came to the rescue.  She suggested in a magazine to use an inexpensive fitted sheet instead of bedskirt which eliminated the mop problem but also solved the potential of the bedskirt being a bug ladder. 

Found a set of cheap sheets on Amazon in the color I wanted for less than $20 and got a bedskirt, a dust cover from the top sheet and cleaning bags from the pillow cases.

Just an idea! 

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9 hours ago, MtnMama said:

The person who said that bed-skirts are "bug ladders" was spot on. Many of us don't want to encourage scorpions in our beds so we keep the bedding off the floor.

I fall into that category. You couldn't pay me to put a skirt on my bed and we are fanatical about keeping bugs at bay. The sting of one scorpion or millipede can ruin your day...or night.

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