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Art Hess = Dog Trainer/Walker

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It is also easy enough to answer a question with information rather than snark. Some people are uncomfortable asking about costs, especially if they are not sure they can afford it. They would rather have some idea of the price range to know if it is something they can even consider. I am not familiar with Art's business model so I provided contact information hoping someone else could give more details.

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You mean what they really want is a bunch of prices that they can then use to bargain him down to the cheapest? We're not talking about buying a car or a boat here. Hard for me to imagine someone being too shy to ask directly what the cost of dog walking or training would be from the person who does it. But I must admit I'm often accused of being too "Old School" and not sensitive enough to others "feelings". But every day I try hard to change. Thanks for pointing out I'm still not there.

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I doubt very much if Art has to bargain with anyone. He is the best and I also doubt very much if he is taking on any new clients because he is much sought after. He can pick an choose his clients when and if he has the time and/or inclination to take on more.

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Just email Art. If he's not taking on new clients for dog walking, he'll have the best referrals you can get.

He does most of his business by email, so don't hesitate to drop him a line.

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