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The North Shore back in 1986 Video Footage

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26 minutes ago, bdmowers said:

Without knowing where exactly this is, it is completely meaningless.

The drive begins on the other side of Jocotepec and proceeds east on the carretera, through Joco, toward Chapala. At about 20 minutes in they make a turn into the Raquet Club in San Juan Cosala for about 4 minutes before resuming their drive east.

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The biggest changes that I remember are


!...On the El Molino stretch into Joco, no berry farms. all corn and cattle.

2 ...Only one foreign owned home in the Raquet Club.

3... Seeing Fernando Cuevas´ big supermarket, SuperGrisa, now Farmacia Guadalajara and Amutio

4...Seeing corn fields on either side of the Coca Cola Deposito in SAT.


They did take a short turn  off into Upper Chula Vista.

For me, then. no thanks, I´ll take the area today but in those days we didn´t know any better.


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At 24-ish we are in Ajijic, and on the right is the SuperGrisa (now Farmacia Guadalajara, etc,)

At 26-ish we are in La Floresta, note the white tree trunks, still the same.

at 27:20 we see the brick Coca-Cola surcasal on our right, this is SAT.


What struck me the most was how much garbage there was on the side of the road.  I know we think our area is dirty now, but in comparison to then it is much improved. 

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