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I guess what I take from this is the eternal question: how come my pizza tastes better than most pizza places? I know Mexicans have a different idea of pizza, and that's fine. But back in Canada, with the proliferation of 2-for-1 places, the taste and quality just became obnoxious for dozens of places in my town alone.

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Maybe your homemade pizza uses a yeast dough which takes two to three days in and out of the refrigerator. This accounts for the strong nutty flavor of good pizza and breads. Flour is also important of course. You have to build what is called a "sponge" of yeast flour and water. This is the start of the days baking. Other than restaurants and bakeries, most do not have the time to keep a sponge alive for many days.

I should have mentioned the refrigerator part is to temporarily interrupt the yeast fermentation but still enough sugars to encourage bacterial fermentation, which are flavor enhancers. There are commercial additives too, all designed to make the dough cheaper and faster.


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