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Magic mushrooms?

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1 hour ago, Xena said:

How did you intend your comment to sound? Not being snarky. I really am wondering what your intent was in posting that comment in a thread up till then a serious discussion among people who have used, are using, or wanting to use a mind-altering substance. For the record I did not see the comment as being preachy so much as sanctimonious.

I made an off the cuff comment and I apologized.  

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About halfway down this blog is an account about how if you eat mangoes, before consuming cannabis, the effect is stronger. The next story is interesting about language students travelling by rail to CDMX from San Diego in the late 60 's early 70's (???) and getting roaringly high on magic mushrooms before visiting one of the most conservative, powerful banks in Mexico, wearing their jeans and teeshirts.


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