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Best tuna we've had in Mexico!  And we try it everywhere, at least once.  

Excellent service, clean outdoor seating (under a great shade tree).  Owner visited every table.  

Menu is mariscos.  Tacos and tostadas with upscale twists, some Asian influences (the spicy sesame salsa is incredible).  Various ceviches and aguachiles.  Nice offerings of various bottled salsas and bowls of pickled onions, pico de gallo and cole slaw.  The tostadas are square and hearty....I am guessing they are homemade or from an artisanal source.

We had:

Tuna sashimi tostada 55p.   The tuna was in an Asian sauce with some avocado, onion and nori on top.  The sesame/chili salsa served on the side is memorable.

Pulpo tostada 52p.   Only slight miss of the meal...the pulpo was just a tad chewy (but we have had far worse around town)

Tuna arrachera taco 70p.   A very healthy portion of ever-so-slightly seared tuna (what we'd call 'torched' in the US).  Melt-in-your-mouth tender.

Deep fried battered avocado taco 27p    Nice clean fry on the battered avocado.  Benefits greatly by adding the aforementioned fixins. 

Limon Carlota  40p    Frozen tangy limon dessert layered with thin cookie crusts. 

House wine is 50p and agua mineral is 25p.  Our lunch tab was 319p.

I wish I'd had my phone to show the pretty platings and the full menu.  Next time!  You can go to their FB page for pictures taken by other guests.  

Lobo de Mar is on Javier Mina in Ajijic, just south of the carretera.  All seating is outdoors, maybe 10 tables??   Open Tues thru Sun 12 to 6pm.  



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Been back two more times.  Has not disappointed.  Remains the best raw/seared tuna dishes around.  As well as the best ceviches here now that Xolo has closed.  They do serve fish and shrimp baja style tacos...had the shrimp today....nice clean fry, 3 good sized shrimp on the taco.  As mentioned above, all tacos are served with a condiment tray of pickled onions, cole slaw and fresh pico de gallo and assorted bottled salsas.  FYI, what looks like ketchup and mustard squeeze bottles are filled with chipotle and avocado cream sauces, respectively.    

I noticed they have hamburguesas de camarones on the menu....next time! 

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Excellent restaurant simply because the owner cares and knows exactly what she's doing!  On our first visit she politely told us that if something on her menu isn't available it's because she won't ever compromise on quality.  If an ingredient that has a seasonality aspect isn't currently available she simply won't substitute and run the risk of compromising quality or taste.

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