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Membrane rolls

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Hi! Is time to repair ours roof! My contractor did some area in my home 70m2, he charge $250xm2, clean old waterproof, repair cracks, apply primer, install new membrane roolls and apply waterproof paint! Warranty for 7 years! I paid $17,500pesos. Labor and material! And Im very happy whit the prices but more when they finish! Saludos












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49 minutes ago, Apachewoman said:

Yes, looks good...

What products did he use...Fester, Comex, ?

And please, contact information would be great!

Thanks in advance


He used PASA products Membrane Rolls and primer! And Casther for waterproof paint! Rully is my contractor! You can get at 3314451634! 

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1 hour ago, Apachewoman said:

THANKS so very very much.

Is he an architect ?

Was his estimate in line with other contractors you may have contacted?




Yes hes an Architect! Before to do my roof a get two more estimate! 1 wants to remove all my old roof tiles and the prices was $65 000pesos. And the other was $24 500 pesos, but only a normal process and only 3 year of garranty! And the Rully ofert better price but the more important a garranth on hes work and materials! Thats more better! To paid mich money and not have a nice work! Saludos

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