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Going to US? Take a small pkg to mail?

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A friend's wife is unexpectedly in the US longer than she expected and needs her meds (which are here in Ajijic).  Looking for someone leaving VERY SOON who would be willing to take this very small package, and once in the US, send it via FEDEX to where she is (Tennessee).  

Can you do this huge favor?  Please be in touch through this website or email msalexg@gmail.com.


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MSAlex, I am sorry for the situation of your friend.

However, I must note that it is putting someone in a precarious position to ask them to bring in meds from/to the USA/MEX without a Rx in their name. 

FedEx, however $$$, is a much safer and legal option.

Aduana and US Customs and Border Personnel are very vigilant these days, and should the person be randomly chosen for a bag check, then be found with meds and no Rx, it can be VERY serious.

One should always have the Rx in their name when traveling with meds, unless they are OTC in both countries.

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I think this can be done depending on what type of medication it is.  If it is something over the counter here, then the carrier can just bring it as his/her own.  If it's a controlled substance, then yes a prescription would be needed.  Perhaps a doctor here can make the script in the carrier's name.  I'm sure someone will object to this thinking, however, no one is harmed and someone is helped if it can be done this way, as long as all parties agree.

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