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Oui Oui: 3 ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day ... and help save a little girl’s life

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As you most likely already know, in Mexico, Mother’s Day is May 10 (and on the 10 NOB). Well at Oui Oui, we decided to celebrate Mother’s Day Friday, Saturday and Sunday, for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner .

(please keep on reading below)



Now on that particular Sunday, we are honored to host a special event for a very special little girl. Why this Sunday? Well when Metastatic Cancer makes house calls, it does not really give you much time to play with. Little Fernanda is losing her leg today. She said to the Doc: you can take my leg, but only if you promise there will be no more of the Chemo thing. When we heard this, we can assure you there were not a dry eye in sight, so come on to Oui Oui on Sunday the 12, for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, and let’s give Fernanda a fighting chance.

Thank you so much.


P.S. if you have items or anything you would want to donate for the auctions, please drop them at our Oui Oui & La Vie en Rose location (downtown Ajijic, from 9 to 5). You can also contact us at 766 1360. To keep our administrative/record keeping task to a minimum, we ask that you please keep a minimum value for the auction of 400p (20 Dollars). Thank you for your understanding.


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