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Looking for ceiling fan w/lights.

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Just yesterday, went to Ventiladores in Guadalajara on Lopez Mateos and bought two new fans.  They have the biggest selection I have ever seen - check out their website to see what they have.    https://www.ventiladores.com/     

There were two lovely ladies in the store who spoke english very well and in fact, I called the store first before making the trip to see if they had what I wanted in stock as I preshopped the website and there was no problem communicating on the phone.  The prices were lower at the Lopez Mateos location versus the store by Andres Mall and much lower than Amazon Mexico.  

Good luck with your fan shopping

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One thing about ceiling fans with lights....My fan with lights I bought at Home Depot several years ago.  Recently one of the lights burned out.

When I went looking for a replacement I found that the old type of lights are no longer made and nobody was selling them. I had to get HD lights for my fan in GDL.  

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Floradude - As long as the light part is using the fan's AC line voltage, you can easily convert it to a standard bulb socket and use a regular LED bulb.    Did that to a bunch that had the "circular" ring type fluorescent bulbs in them, which were / are $$$ and hard to find / get locally.    Just snip off / desolder the old socket, and connect the new one and fix it in place.    Works great, and the remote control also works as long as you use the same wires in the fixture.

Definitely a detail to check, when buying a ceiling fan with light.....

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