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Best market to buy good prime rib


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Costco Galerias has prime-grade bone-in rib roasts on the weekends. I have also had good success with the choice grade boneless rib roasts they sell the whole roast in cryovac. I take the portion out of the middle of the roast that I want to make prime rib and cut steaks out of the rest of it.

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On 4/17/2019 at 12:15 PM, CHILLIN said:

There is a store in Guadalajara that sells to the restaurant trade but also retail. Probably something from the U.S.A. or South America. Sorry, I can't recall the name at this time, maybe by posting someone else will know.

Are you thinking of Carnes Fines de Sonora? Their address is, Ave. Vallarta #4951. Phone # 333 629-5159. Superb selection of meat.

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Abbreviated name as shown on Google Maps is: "Cafison".  Located at Avenida Ignacio Luis Vallarta #4951 at the corner of Calle a Los Montanas.  (If, when you exit using the back entrance/exit from the parking lot of  the older Costco store which is located at the corner of Avenida Ignacio Luis Vallarta and Raphael Sanzio you turn right running parallel to Avenida Ignacio Luis Vallarta which will be on your left.  Stay on this parallel road and don't exit as you normally would to proceed to Lazaro Cardenas and return to Lakeside.  You'll come to traffic lights at Avenida Patria.  Cross over, remaining straight ahead on the parallel road which is actually also called Avenida Ignacio Luis Vallarta and "Carnes Fines de Sonora will be at the end of the first block immediately on your right.  It's located right at an incredibly busy bus-stop and parking is limited.  You might have to park further along and walk a bit.  When you leave the store stay on the same parallel street which, just a short way along on your left, will provide you with an access lane that will take you to Lazaro Cardenas)  We've shopped for meat there for 15 years.  Excellent, but of course be aware that as they sell both domestic meat and USDA there's a very significant difference in price and the end result when cooking.  Mexicans tend to not be as concerned about tenderness because much of their cuts are either marinated prior to cooking or cooked in methods not common for non-Mexicans.  Our last 9 lb USDA prime rib was as good as any quality prime rib that we've ever purchased and the end result matched the tenderness and flavour of any of the high end "beef" specialty restaurants that we've been to anywhere!  I would suggest that Cafison supplies meat to better than 50% of the best restaurants in Guadalajara! 

If you don't want to take the time to go to Cafison, where English is limited then......just buy your meat at Costco.  Usually now on weekends Costco has a special meat counter set up wherein they display incredibly beautiful cuts of only the best USDA beef.  Pricy by Mexican standards but every bite will prove worth it!   And, you won't actually be paying any more than you would back north of the border.....perhaps less!


Here's the web address:   https://maps.apple.com/place?address=Avenida Ignacio Luis Vallarta 4951%2C Camichines Vallarta%2C 45020 Guadalajara%2C JAL%2C México&auid=13426024030730536753&ll=20.678128674151807%2C-103.41959595680237&q=Cafison

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Another vote for Caries Fines de Sonora.  Their meats are top notch and affordable.  We LOVE their Picaña (Brazilian version of Bife de Chorizo in Argentina).  DELISH!

Valerie  :)

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