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Ranch Dog & Puppy Adoption Day at LCS - Thursday 18 April

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Might it be possible to add this guy to the adoption? He's still hanging around; I posted several days ago but no takers so far. Thank you so much!


Might anyone in Rancho del Oro area be able to identify a young-ish, large, intact male yellow lab mix with two one-inch-long horizontal scars over one eye who may have escaped his home on Saturday afternoon? He followed the trash truck up Cjón de la Zapota on Saturday night and at that time was wearing a collar. Today he has reappeared, sans collar. He is limping and appears tired but nourished and is super-sweet. I've fed and left water for him and I am hoping someone in the area will know who he belongs to. Here's "Bombones" who looks to be about 50 lbs young, but looks lighter (to me) in these photos.

dog 2.jpg

dog 1.jpg

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Sorry, this is the reply: " We have a policy of only Ranch dogs at our Adoption Day. An unvaccinated and intact dog is not a good idea"

An intact male dog can wander for miles so the poor dog may be a long way from home. Possibly put posters in any stores and restaurants along the Caraterra near Rancho del Oro.

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Done for the past week; he's being neutered tomorrow. Local vets think either he was dumped last weekend or jumped from a Tapatio's truck and cannot find his way home. I've clocked miles and miles the past eight days looking for anyone who knows him or can offer him a home. SOL...

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