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Security camera operation via ILOX router - anyone using?

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it took a lot of time and effort, but  ILOX did deliver the two items that were not working in the original instllation

1) the camera's are now accessible from the internet (as of about  10 days ago)


2) the LAN functionality now appears to be working  In other words, one PC on the home LAN can see the others in the home LAN.  Prior to today, all the devices in the LAN could connect to the internet and viceversa, but not to each other.  they now corrected this limitation.  they claim they need to do it  as it is not a user controlled feature, but claim that all future installations will have this capability


As they say - better late , than never.

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Good to hear they can address the visibility problem. While working on my port forwarding issue today they must have fixed it for me too. I can now access the camera server from my PC.

Still issues with port forwarding but Gloria spent an hour on the phone today trying to fix it so it wasn't for lack of trying.

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