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Have You Tried CBD Oil Yet? Local Options?

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imho, it is better (and usually more economical) to buy the most concentrated and start with VERY small doses and a lot of time in between. Then you start moving the in between times closer together until you achieve your best results. I would not take CBD after 6 pm because it can be somewhat stimulating and, if you're taking it during the day, you're not going to need any more if insomnia is caused by stress or anxiety. For daytime I would use CBD only with no THC if you want to maintain cognitive clarity. If you want to have deep restorative sleep with limited dreaming (less REM) then try concentrated THC (but no CBD and, again, a VERY small quantity) just as you climb into bed. If you wake up groggy, you've taken too much so cut back the quantity.

There is no one size fits all. It's a process with which you must have patience and good communication from the patient as to what he/she is feeling. 

Sublingual is best because the product is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through those big veins under your tongue. Takes about 10 minutes at most. Ingesting the product causes it to go all they way through your digestion process and that throws another whole monkey wrench full of variables in its path.

Wishing you and your husband success. Anything is worth a try when all else has failed.

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On 4/6/2019 at 4:34 PM, ronhereagain said:

Maybe easy to find here but apparently of unknown quality, and that worries me.

Well ours is golden and super clear. It is full spectrum FECO and we have not had any complaints about it. Please stop by Canadian Style Natural Foods. They are carrying the oil and on Monday or Tuesday will be stocked with our Infused Coffee which is lovely. There are qaulity issues everywhere here in Mexico. I can only say from experience and others that people are getting wonderful results from our oil. I just did a write up about this on my website you can read here

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On 4/15/2019 at 11:53 AM, Kyle said:

I will get some Tues at the market but don't know the strength or how much to use.  This is for Parkinson's.  What do you suggest?

If you are still looking then Please consider trying our oil. YOu can find it

at Canadian Style Natural Foods  https://goo.gl/maps/PZ5zuwTsmZKjxEM19


You will find a CBD Infused Coffee there as well come Monday Or Tuesday. Howard and his staff are great and he is going to continue to carry this product. As far as taking ours. You start with 2 drops 4 times a day. A bit more at night if you are looking for sleep help. Then let your body adjust for a few days and then increase by a couple of drops at a time per dosage. Everyone needs to find their sweet spot depending upon how your body adapts and responds. Would love for you to try the oil for a month and see what it does. 

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On 4/6/2019 at 4:39 PM, artsnob said:

I bought what I thought was CBD oil from a prescription drug seller, it is phony ,not only does it make stay awake but makes violently nauseous. Be careful what you buy...

And thus a big issue here. I am not going to claim I know everything or what people are selling. I can only speak to my experience and others around the oil we have. Feel free to read my results here

Give our oil a try and stop by Canadian Style Natural Foods in Ajijic. Howard is carrying the oil, and he is taking it and loves it. Also he will be carrying our CBD Infused coffee as well. I just got this in 3 days ago and it is great coffee that leaves you energized yet not jittery. 

https://goo.gl/maps/PZ5zuwTsmZKjxEM19   (Canadian Style Natural Foods)

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3 hours ago, Mrs. Rupert said:

CBDSam- do you sell cars as well?

LOL no...I am just a huge advocate for the oil. It has helped me and so many others in various ways. I no longer struggle with insomnia which leads to deep and dark depressions including attempted suicide. This is my life work helping others get relief from anything that CBD Oil does. As far as cars? Can't help you there a whole lot. I have never been fond of cars...all they do is suck money lol. 

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On 4/15/2019 at 2:39 PM, Ferret said:

imho, it is better (and usually more economical) to buy the most concentrated and start with VERY small doses and a lot of time in between. 

The most concentrated would be the shatter. It looks like Amber glass. It is 99% pure. Then you can make your oil, tinctures, etc. Or can smoke it as "dabs" with special pipe or in a special vape pen. Google it if you may.

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Hi Everybody, Just letting you all know that we are selling CBD Oil with different Concentrations

250mg - 750mg - 1250mg and our product called Total Relaxin wich is a shot of CBD in each drop, reaching the 3000mg

Most of the people are getting homemade Oils, wich for my experience is hard to tell what you getting exactly, For more information on where to get it just PM me or contact me


Years in the market will cover pur recommendations.




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