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Changing name on CFE bill

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Yes, a LARGE deposit..... which in our experience you will almost be sure to never get back if it gets changed again.

I suggest you leave well enough alone and use TelMex bill if you need proof of residence.  We have done this with last 2 (rented) houses and since we keep the bills current, no problem for anyone. But take SAME DAY meter reading if you go this route.

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If you are referring to the sale of a home and putting it in the new owner's name then this was my experience three years ago. Both parties go to CFE with their identification (passports and immigration status) along with the closing documents on the house and a time stamped PHOTO of the current meter reading. Name transfer takes place easily and without exchange of cash. Couldn't have been easier.

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2 hours ago, Dan Hodge said:

Perhaps so, but they haven't advised me that they did.

You can look here to see if you have a CURP.  Fill in the blanks and the website should be able to tell you.  https://www.gob.mx/curp/

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This was a piece of cake.  Took"

Copy of curp

Copy of first page of deed along with the original

Copy of last bill

Copy of photo page of passport

Copy of front and back of permanente

Copy of close up of meter same day we went

They helped us fill out a short form

No RFC asked for

They had us pay the amount due on the last account right there.  No deposit required on the new account.

Took about 15 minutes.

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