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Google Translation:

"The federal strategy to protect the State began with more than 800 officers, only for the metropolis; they will be coordinated by a military command

Published on 03/02/2019 - 04:00 HS

Yesterday began the deployment of federal elements (soldiers and police) who arrived in Jalisco to join uniformed state and municipal, as part of the strengthening of the security strategy in the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara (AMG) and the region of Los Altos, areas considered as priorities by the Government of the Republic.

The coordinator of the Security Cabinet of the State Government, Macedonio Tamez Guajardo, explained that only in the metropolis patrol 608 soldiers, which are added to 260 elements of federal, state and municipal police. On the other hand, in Los Altos the coordination group consists of 600 Army elements and 260 federal, state and municipal police. Additionally, 200 troops from the XV Military Zone were assigned to the North Zone. There are a thousand 928 in total.

Every day we meet to exchange information, take security agreements, follow up and design strategies. Macedonio Tamez Guajardo, coordinator of the Jalisco Security Cabinet.

He reported that, as part of the coordination, it was defined that the "operative groups" will have a military command. "Without prejudice to local and state competition, the coordination will be a military in each of the areas. Colonel León Almaguer has been designated in the Metropolitan Zone of Guadalajara and Colonel César Gutiérrez in the area of Los Altos, "he said.

The state official met with the commander of the XV Military Zone, Norberto Cortés Rodríguez, and Jesús Valencia Guzmán, head of the Strategic Policy Unit for Peacebuilding with Federal Entities and Regions of the Federal Security Secretariat. Also on the table were the municipal presidents of Guadalajara, El Salto and Tonalá.

Valencia Guzmán said that the increase in violence in Jalisco has several factors, so he refused to refer to the cases as struggles between criminal groups."

Metropolatian area of Guadalajara and Los Altos region [ Lagos de Moreno - San Juan de los Lagos ] not specifically to the Municipo de Chapala.

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The surveillance of the Mexican army in Chapala will begin




The municipality of Jocotepec will also be monitored, considered as a municipality with average incidence in crimes


Although an exact date is not yet available, it is expected that elements of the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA) will monitor some municipalities in the lake region, including Chapala and Jocotepec-

Manuel Jacobo (Chapala, Jal). - Chapala was considered a strategic point to fight crime in the State of Jalisco since Monday, March 11, when it was considered a red light in the state of Jalisco and will be watched by elements of the Mexican army.

The news became known after General Staff Brigadier General Norberto Cortés Rodríguez met with Chapala's municipal president, Moisés Alejandro Anaya, and Chapala's Public Safety Director, Raúl Valenciano Saucedo, on March 14. March, in the municipal palace.

"The visit is to coordinate work, I said very honestly that they are concentrated in the Metropolitan Area (ZMG) of Guadalajara for all this wave of violence that is happening in the nine municipalities ... but we comment that come at least one to two times a week, "said the mayor of Chapala, Moisés Alejandro Anaya.

In the Southeast Region, the municipality of Jocotepec will also be monitored, considered as a municipality with a medium incidence of crimes. In addition, La Manzanilla de la Paz, Mazamitla and Valle de Juárez will be monitored in the same way.

On the other hand, Moisés Anaya assured that he held a meeting with the Secretary of Security, Daniel Velazco Ramírez, to whom I request more patrols for the municipality.

In addition, he says that General Norberto Cortés and Governor Enrique Alfaro know the situation of Chapala, which is why they feel concerned because the municipality is home to one of the largest foreign communities in the country.

For this reason, they requested the return of the federal subsidy of the Strengthening Program for Security (FORTASEG) through an extraordinary departure, and that because it is a request of the Governor and General Norberto, the appeal may be reconsidered.

On March 11 the governor of Jalisco and the Prosecutor, Gerardo Octavio Solís Gómez, announced the incidence of crimes in the State of Jalisco, where Chapala ranked seventh in homicides in February.


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Is there anybody here who remembers Lakeside as far back as the 1990s?  The Army had a presence here back then, too: the famous retén (search stop) on the Chapala/GDL northbound highway, just at the exit joining the highway from Ocotlán.  Back then, we had to plan that stop-and-search into the time it took to get (for example) from Ajijic to the GDL airport.  This was long prior to the beginning of Mexico's obvious and serious drug situation.  What were they looking for, all those years ago?    

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Upscale homeowners and business people prefer to hire private bodygaurds and drivers. They are mostly recruited from a special branch of police who are allowed to carry personal firearms, even at gated community gates.

Also, as I posted earlier, there is still military conscription in Mexico for both men and women. Your selection does not depend on family wealth, but rather what color glass ball you randomly pick from a box. I would still suspect there are ways around it, especially in selecting the areas where your son or daughter is likely to be posted.

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Mexican Armed Forces

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Conscript soldiers

Legally, every Mexican man is obligated to a year of military service consisting of a few hours of drill or social services on weekends, not true military training. Most conscripts will have received at most only one marksmanship session at a rifle range by the time they have completed their service and are not integrated nor operate with regular army units.

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14 hours ago, jonnyintrouble said:

...After a couple of years reading this forum I wish I had a dime for every time I've seen a member refer to Mexican laws and decrees as steadfast as they are back home....

Naive, much? Everything that is available in Mexico is available NOB but you just have to pay a bit more. Want college admission? Want a law? Want a legislator? Want a whole damned political party? They're all available for the right price.

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I'm all for a more visible police and army presence. It works to cut down crime and violence. Here's an example. Last summer in Chicago there was 72 people shot one weekend . It was double the usual number. There was a big concert downtown for the kids LALAPOLOOSA. After the Las Vegas massacre they were worried about security and pulled all the cops out of the neighborhoods to protect the concert. Without cops in the hood the shootings doubled.

But if you get shot, you want to be in Chicago. There are about 4 deaths to 20 shot. Their ETM, ambulances and trauma emergency rooms are probably the best in the world treating shooting victims. 

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On 3/20/2019 at 2:06 PM, jonnyintrouble said:

Rich kids (called juniors here) have bone spurs.

Those things keep popping up. I heard they were the literal translation in the Bible where it says God created Eve from Adam's rib!" It was actually a "bone spur!"

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