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Any Truth - MC selling house?

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1 hour ago, CHILLIN said:

Rumors start as private whispers. Here it is public - to be either confirmed and denied. If I posted this on the other board, there would be a lot of spiteful and mean public comments. That would not be allowed here.

Were it me you were talking about, I would not respond either way. That should really piss off those who "need to know". :D

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From your post I deduce you received this information from a 3rd party not from something you saw yourself. If true, the post (rumor) you made about Mr Houck is unforgivable. The info came from Facebook. Strike 2. Did you take 2 minutes to look for the supposed post? If you did you would have seen that Mr Houck shared a post about a house possibly going on the market in Riberas. If you would have taken a few more minutes on this board you would know that Mr Houck does not live in Riberas.

I'm intrigued about your motive for starting the thread but in the end I don't care. It is not my business nor yours to post this sort of rubbish about another board member or for that matter anyone in the community. I'm glad Dan didn't waste his time responding although I think he would have been a lot more eloquent and entertaining.

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Don't get your hopes up Chillin.  :D

This is a house we came into in Riberas.  Someone is going to get a great deal because I just don't want to fool with it and my local kids and Oaxaca kids want me to take the money and but a beach condo.  Tell your house hunting friends.  PM me if you want to know more, will be happy to fill you in.

I'm not annoyed, just amused.  I appreciate the free advertising.  But since I'm the topic I'm closing the thread.  :)




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