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LELO master sushi put a great sampling of sushi at the bingo Tuesday Mar 12 th see picture


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The bingo Sushi tasting March 12 , 2019, WOW great.
LELO the master sushi chef , when out of his way to prepare the best samples he had, no expenses was spared.
salmon, Tuna. shrimp. fish eggs, LeLo The master Sushi chef and his son Omar have a great new location on the lake next to Maria Isabel restaurant. bottom of Colon in Ajijic.
Omar his son served 6 trays full of delicious samples of sushi. and sushi rolls. As you can they were full size . He wanted to use only the best quality sushi he could buy.and make everyone happy. He talked about the ingredients he used and his passion the kids at Have Hammer Carpentry School and he was happy to sponsor a sushi tasting to help the kids. Also where his new location he will be happy to make you happy when you have lunch on the lake with him as your chef. He can make what ever you want to order. His presentations say it ALL.

bingo sushi tasting.JPG

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Glad everyone had a great time and enjoyed the presentation. I don't know who Lelo is, but would like to find out.

I know that Sr. Sushi moved to that location, and they have been providing mediocre Mexican-style sushi lakeside for years. What I see in the photo, which looks lovely, is all sushi rolls (no sashimi, but perhaps that was the whole purpose), what looks like cream cheese internals, and a bowl of soya sauce with chiles, which is typical of the country.

Was the rice vinegared? I ask because last month I attended a master class put on for free by Ukiyo of this board, during which he went to great lengths to discuss the proper preparation of sushi rice, along with many other interesting aspects.

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