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Suggested area of Lakeside for person without a car

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If you require a more gringo featured ambience and if you need frequent access, to higher end restaurants that cater to a more gringo palate, then Ajijic and the San Antonio area is your place  (the two towns are literally kissing each other.)  If you want a more Mexican ambience and lifestyle and walkability is crucial, and if you desire to be in a slightly larger town vs a small village, then Chapala rings high on the list.  Every area, Lakeside, meaning the North shore towns and villages, all have their unique pluses and minuses.  Living in Chapala centro, I love going to Ajijic occasionally to eat at a fancier restaurant and to enjoy their plaza, it is truly beautiful and pleasant spending a tranquil evening in Ajijic.  But after awhile, I think I would start feeling claustophobic and over gringoized.  For me Chapala is home, and we have tons of expats here, you see them everywhere, especially, as of recently.  But it still don't feel like they have taken over yet.  And regarding the restaurant scene, every year it gets better here.  We have quite a few nice and decent restaurants now.  And remember, Ajijic is just 10 minutes or so down the road.  Lakeside is a relatively small area, everything is relatively close by, whether it be in Chapala, Ajijic, or in San Antonio Tlayacapán.

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On 3/13/2019 at 1:08 PM, Lily H said:

I second San Antonio Tlayacapan for 3 reasons:

1. It's pretty walkable to any close by stores.

2. A few pesos bus ride will take her to Chapala and Ajijic. Taxi maybe is somewhere 50 - 80 pesos.

3. SAT alone has many outstanding restaurants: Mario's, Adelita, Dusty Chicken, Lety's, Tony's, Oh-Lin, Indian Curry and a few good breakfast and coffee shops. Plus the wine shop, butcher shop, panaderia are all quite amazing.

Where is the Indian Curry place? Hope there is another other than Centro Laguna.

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For those with cars: Our first house was at Ocampo #87, Ajijic, and even back then, it took us longer to get to shopping east of Ajijic, than it did after we moved to Chapala. Traffic continued to get worse, and I hear that it is now a really serious problem. 

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