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2 minutes ago, Willie said:

I have a friend looking for used or where to buy the storage bags that use the vacuum to suck out the air.  TIA

What are you wanting to store (clothes, food, ...)? There are different types of storage bags. When you say "vacuum", do you mean vacuum cleaner, vacuum/sealer...?

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I have seen and purchased those storage bags that you suck the air out of. Walmart had them a few months ago, but ALL were heavily lavender scented.  They were awful INMHO.  Mexicans seem to love their scented stuff, it seems to me.

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The scent was very potent to the point that it made me nauseated.  If the bag is sealed as it should be, then no musty or other odors or insects should be able to get in.  I would hope that unscented would at least be available.  The ubiquitous manzana (?) scented toilet tissue and facial tissue also are repugnant to me, so maybe it's just me.  I'm learning to be much more careful before inadvertently making purchases of scented stuff.

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