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I thought I read in the GDL Reporter that there was a place we could take recycling items to instead of just throwing everything in the garbage. I can't find the article.

Is there such a place? I don't care where it is I would gladly take it, separated, there.

If anyone knows would appreciate the address.

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There is also one in West Ajijic, where the two military command posts used to be located, in a building right next to what looks like a soccer field on the mountain side of the Carretera.  Apparently it is unmanned, so you just take your bag of stuff and leave it there, and presumably it gets dealt with sometime in never never land.

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The west end recycle location is sometimes manned but it is starting to look pretty bad.  Also, the new recycle containers in downtown Ajijc are full and some over flowing.  If they are not emptied on a regular basis they just make the area around them look "trashy".  They need to be emptied more often.

I applaud the effort to encourage recycling.

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They are supposed to collect it.  You should not have to drive it anywhere.    BUT, then this program, no matter how well intended, has never worked with either the public or private sector in the past.  I am always hopeful so I continue to separate my garbage and put it out in labelled white bags for anybody to pick up.  

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