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When I get messages from advertisers, I simply reply using the BAJA word and that organization stops sending me these messages.. How do you do that? When I forget, I find someone much younger, like my gardener or maid to do it for me.  It works. 

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4 hours ago, RickS said:

Is AT&T's coverage Lakeside equal to Telcels? Guadalajara?  Other places in Mexico where you go?

Yes absolutely. It is where I go up the toll roads to Laredo and around Lakeside and through Guadalajara and over to Colima and Cuyutlan.  It was fine down the coast from PV to Acapulco. Good in Guatamala in metro and tourist areas, Good in Columbia and really spotty to non-existent in Chile. It is great in the USA as well. Unlimited calling to and in Mexico, EAU, and Canada.

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AND it totally sucks in Riberas. Go figure. Before forking out for an AT&T modem, buy one of their SIM cards for 100 pesos and put it in your cell phone... THEN check to see signal strength and do a speed check. There are most definitely dead spots with their coverage in this area. Telcel works just fine at my house in Riberas. AT&T does NOT.

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17 hours ago, artsnob said:

How can I block those messages I get 5 or 6 daily, some times more...

This may be a long shot but it is certainly worth trying. Download the Hiya app (free) from google play store for android and from apple store. Hiya does require that you have data so only try this if you have data on your plan. It will let the phone ring but shows on the screen if it has been reported as marketing call so you can decline. I put it on my Mexican ATT phone and thought it probably would not work but I have been surprised several times as it showed Mexican telemarketers. 

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That sucks Chartiec.. I have an iPhone as well and have a Telcel account.  And any time I used the BAJA command as explained above, I would get great results. Now just maybe it took 24 hours to go into effect, but  the weekly to daily messages from the business spammers would stop. And if they showed up again, it was several months to a year later.

I wish you good luck

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Here's everything I have about TelCel:

*264 supposedly kills unwanted text ads.

STOP UNOTV texts: send a text with BAJA to 2222. OR 2252. It was permanent for me.

To cancel TelCel TIPS (consejos): send NO to 2525. Follow instr.
To cancel CHAT: send BOR to 2525.
Pause PROFILE (perfil): PAU to 2525. This supposedly deletes your profile so that nothing can be sent.

Enter 7373 in the # to send a text to is and in the space below [the message] enter the Telcel phone number including the area code space and the amount...
Example: 5552003333 100 to transfer $100 pesos to that Telcel #. Then you will get a message from Telcel "Pasa Tiempo" with the details. They charge 3 pesos to do this.

To get CALL DETAILS on your phone, go to TelCel office with proper ID. $34.50 pesos/month.


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Thanks for the great tips, ComputerGuy.. I had heard that Telcel had stopped letting one transfer funds to another phone. I heard that more than 6 months ago. Am I wrong I hope? :)  

You also mention CALL DETAILS on your phone for  $34.50.   What do they give you? Details about your type of phone and what it does?  Again I have no idea :)  And I thought I was a techie :) I guess not.

Again, thanks for your very helpful techie posts.

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