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Red Carpet Glamour & Excitement: Oui Oui's 91st Academy Awards Dinner (Live)

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Dear Guests,

The biggest night in Hollywood: “Oui Oui” is broadcasting live (ABC feed in English) the 91st Academy Awards on our large screen. Our very special Menus will feature Chef Daniel’s take on Movies nominated for Best Pictures including Roma and Bohemian Rhapsody. There will also be a menu based on Wolfgang Puck’s "Governor’s Ball Gala Dinner". 

“Oui-Oui” is rolling out the Red Carpet and you are invited to dress up like an A-lister for Hollywood’s glitziest night of the year. So get ready to make your entrance, the Paparazzi have already lined up since it’s the next best thing to being in the Dolby Theater at Hollywood. 

For all the Glamour and Excitement, it’s only at "Oui-Oui”.



Due to the  creative process and work involved, the menus (just like the famous envelop) will remain a secret until the last minute. If you have not yet been a guest at "Oui-Oui", we invite you to have a look at past menu such as our 9 course NYE Great Gatsby Extravaganza, on our face book page (leclub4) or on our website (www.LeClub4.com) to get an idea. Better yet visit us Thursday through Sunday to get an better idea. 

Menu prices are  commensurate with the experience (and the ingredients used) and are in the 600p-900p range.

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  • ianos changed the title to Red Carpet Glamour & Excitement: Oui Oui's 91st Academy Awards Dinner (Live)

The envelopes are ready, and the menus are.

Roma (499p)

Menu: Four course, Sea Food based.

Complementary Cocktail: “Mexico 70” (Tequila based).

Bohemian Rhapsody (599p)

Menu: Four course Champagne & Caviar for Rock Royalty, Cordon Bleu based

Complementary Cocktail: « Freddie’s Kir Royal » (Champagne based)

Governor’s Ball Gala Dinner (699p)

Menu: Four course Chef Daniel’s take on Wolfgang Puck’s legendary after party event, A-listers only, Beef & Duck based.

Complementary Cocktail: “Red Carpet” (Vodka based).


Dress Code: Elegance & Glamour

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