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Hiring someone to transport our stuff down from Laredo?


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We're moving stuff from Seattle to Ajijic. Some of it is ours; we're permanentes. Other stuff is our daughter's; she's moving down here but doesn't yet have either a temporal or a permanente. We'd like to ship a pod from Seattle to Laredo, and maybe find someone from Ajijic to take a truck up to Laredo, load our stuff from the pod terminal, and navigate the customs process to cross the border and bring the stuff down here.  The "stuff" is about the equivalent of a one- or two-bedroom apartment.  Anyone have experience with this process?  Suggestions whom to hire to do this for us (if in fact it's even doable)? I'll talk to Lake Chapala Moving tomorrow, but I've heard you can wait weeks or even months for them to have space available on a truck from Laredo.  Plus, I'm wondering if it can be done safely for cheaper than Lake Chapala Moving would charge.

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We used Lake Chapala Moving but that was almost 14 years ago. They handled the whole thing - having a truck ready to load at our house in Texas, transporting our goods to Laredo, clearing customs, transporting to Ajijic and unloading. We were 100% satisfied - but it was quite a while ago.

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