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Can’t take her to Paris for Valentines? Take her to Oui-Oui instead

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Valentines Day

Can’t take her to Paris for Valentines Day? Take her to Oui-Oui instead (that's the next best thing). Chef Daniel is concocting several great menus for Valentine’s Day, and we think it's so good, we will keep the celebration (and the menus) going for the entire weekend.

But, don't just take our word for it and come and taste for yourself.

On the entertainment side, our own Black Swan with Diamonds will be on hand to play some very romantic music on Valentine Day and the entire weekend.

The Food, the Cocktails & Wines and the Music, that will surely put you in the mood . . . . just like in Paris, with Love.

Merci et à très bientôt.


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For those who are asking: We tend to stick to the old French tradition that when you create a special menu, you make it well . . . special, using the best and freshest ingredients possible. Our chef goes weekly to Guadalajara, looking exactly for those. Our suppliers just told us, well asparagus are at their best right now, so are strawberries and mandarins. So expect our menu to explore and use these ingredients in creative ways.

While admittedly it would be quite convenient, we just cannot make a menu of fresh ingredients five or six weeks ahead of time. We just finished tasting: our Saint Valentine’s day menu is getting his final touch, and Asparagus Mousse and Mandarin sauce are being incorporated to the menu which will be ready in a couple of days . . .

In French we say: Paris was not made in one day. Be patient and you will be rewarded.

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"Oui-Oui" is not limited by space as we have several dining areas including al fresco, two covered areas and a cozy indoor dinning room.

For our guests who only come on to the lake on the week-end, we have the menus extended to Friday night and all day Saturday and Sunday. So you do not miss out.


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