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Very interesting and starting with a provocative question:


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Who is worse, Chapo or Slim?  Shocking


With a GDP approaching $1.15tn, Mexico’s economy is now the 15th largest in the world, but its per-capita income of about $9,000 ranks just 70th. According to the Gini scale of income inequality, Mexico is the world’s 19th most unequal country – more so than even Nicaragua, Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, and Chad. A shocking 43.6% of Mexicans are considered poor.


Note observation about the NYT and their selective reporting on Mr. Slim and his rich cronies.


At the center of the power elite is Carlos Slim. His estimated net worth of about $60bn places him seventh on Forbes’s international rich list. This one man’s wealth is equivalent to more than 5% of Mexico’s GDP. The core of his empire is América Móvil, Latin America’s largest mobile phone company; its longtime domination of Mexico’s telecommunications industry has kept the nation’s phone rates among the highest in the world, costing the economy an estimated $25bn a year.

Slim also owns nearly 17% of the New York Times, making him its largest shareholder. Like other American news organizations, the Times rarely writes about him and the ways in which he and other Mexican oligarchs have used their power to stymie the tax policies, public investments and income transfers needed to enable more Mexicans to enjoy the type of comfortable middle-class life depicted in Roma, the recent acclaimed film set in Mexico City in the early 1970s.


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The America Movil cell in Mexico is Telcel. I pay $199 for unlimited calls, most social media & 1gb of internet to Mexico, USA, and Canada no matter which country I am in. This is "one of highest in the world" ??  would like to know where it is less

My Telmex is $389 a month for home phone with free long distance to Mexico, USA, and many other countries plus unlimited internet.  This is "one of highest in the world" ??  would like to know where it is less. 

Carlos Slim might be a multi-billionaire, but before he ran the phone company it took months to years to get a new phone line, and you had to buy stock in the phone company. For long distance you had to go to a special booth, could not be done from home. 

Certainly not trying to defend Carlos Slim or his  manor of living, or how he spends his money. . But the story seems to have some odd numbers.. Maybe I'm wrong.  Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world but receives millions of dollars in government subsidies for his main enterprise. 

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