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9 minutes ago, AngusMactavish said:

There is too much information on YouTube to pay someone to show you how to exercise. Been thru both shoulders with self-help with a total return to normal.


 Angus, Thanks very much for the video. Do you (did you) have shoulder impingement by any chance? I've been doing exercises for this for a few weeks with some success  Good to hear self help works .Is the goal to keep up the exercise regimen daily for at least several months to repair the ligaments?

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I am neither a doctor or a physical therapist. The doctor convinced me not to get surgery by describing the postoperative facts. The PT did so by telling me their hourly rate. I chose self-help and it took months and enough NSAIDs to give me stomach problems.

Watch the gamut of available advice on YouTube and I am sure you will find your relief.

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Try many therapists lakeside, when  kayaking anytime i have a shoulder problem or wrist

luke  ( lucy) from Fisio Life behind ajjijic hospital always was able to get my shoulder back functioning, she uses all forms of treatment, such  of Electro stimulation, trigger point massage,  lymphatic massage. deep massage etc

Best of all she cares and has gift of touch, shes seems to know just where the problem is.

She the only one ii go now.   


331 411 9497

Try her first you wont be disappointed.


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LOVE Jorge and Angel!  Used them after my hip replacement last year.  Also, LOVE Cesar in the shopping center near Lake Taco.  He's GREAT and very knowledgable.  I worked with him for months in an effort to avoid hip replacement.  We are so fortunate to have wonderful, knowledgeable, kind, compassionate and challenging Physical Therapists lakeside.  After using these three gentlemen, I can highly recommend ALL of them.  Depending on your goal, your motivation and your willingness to work hard, they will do what it takes to get you where you want to be.


Valerie  :)

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I second Dra. Justina.  I had rotator cuff surgery on my left shoulder ... It was too far gone.  She and her therapists did the pt.  Then when I started having problems with the right shoulder she did therapy for several weeks and it's been great a a few years now.  She is very good and the price is very reasonable.  The treatment includes laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, tens unit with moist heat and massage.  

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Both of my shoulders were frozen for three years. One skiing accident followed by a car accident started the process. I had multiple shots of cortisone, went to a physiotherapist and did the daily exercises. Nothing helped until, in desperation, I went to a Naturopath in Barrie, Ontario. She told me that I had a magnesium deficiency but she sold no products. Off to the Pharmacy to buy a supplement. Lo and behold, in three months, I had the use of my shoulders back and was pain free.



Nearly all of us are magnesium deficient. All the physio in the world won't help if you don't take care of the (most likely) underlying problem.

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