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Gas report Monday morning (just after 9) in the west.


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-Pemex on east side of Jocotepec. Closed but at 9 there was lineup of 74 cars (in anticipation?)

-El Chante closed but a line up of 35 cars

-San Juan Cosala closed

_East of Piedra Barrenada closed

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34 minutes ago, ComputerGuy said:

"Almost back to normal". Right.

I believe that Pemex is saying that they have restored the normal liters that the stations have been buying from them for months/years. However, most of the stations have been buying twice that amount from the thieves, so there is still a big shortage at the pump. The only way to get more is to " fess up" about how much they have really been selling a month. Think that will happen soon?

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Surely everyone realizes that there will still be a "shortage" for a while; as people gain access to gas they will continue to "top off" and store for a "rainy day" for some time, thus manufacturing a renewed shortage.

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7 minutes ago, cedros said:

Yes. it could go on for weeks.

Yes. The huachicoleros are not going to just roll over, there is too much money involved. They are going to do everything they can to make the gas situation as bad as possible to force the gov´t to reopen the pipelines. I would not be surprised if they started seriously disrupting the tanker truck deliveries and sabotaging gas stations. AMLO says he is not going to backdown. It may take quite some time for this to play out. In my view, ending the shortage is not as simple as just setting up a new delivery system. I hope I am wrong...

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My wife did not have any problem filling the tank this morning in GDL. After she pulled up to the pump she said to the manager, "Buenos días, Tio".  Tio says some stations in GDL are limiting to 600p of gas.  Thank goodness for family.

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1 hour ago, Jim Bowie said:

Surely everyone realizes that there will still be a "shortage" for a while; as people gain access to gas they will continue to "top off" and store for a "rainy day" for some time, thus manufacturing a renewed shortage.

It is impossible to Hord gasoline if you just put it in the vehicle's tank. You can not put in more until you use that tank, since they won't put any fuel these days in a gas  can. The real problem will come when the stores can't get deliveries of food, milk, beer and tequila. The local supply will run out fast when that happens.

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Those pictures above are in San Antonio, starting almost to Superlake going west. It is tightly controlled by police. This is the only line.

If you want gas, if you're coming from the West (Ajijic), got through the libramento intersection in front of Walmart, staying on the carratera west toward Superlake. They are moving traffic into a bypass, but it moves fast. If you want gas, hang a u-turn somewhere around Superlake to get in the line the other way. You'll see how far down you need to go. Maybe around Panino's would be easier.

From the east (Chapala), just head toward San Antonio. The lanes are controlled around Superlake. Gas to your right, other traffic to the left. There is even a hand held sign. I've never seen the police so well organized here.


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I had to make a mandatory trip tp Costco this morning.. dang cats and dogs want food..
I was worrying that there would be no deliveries of supplies.. but they got there.. happy for me and my large  pet family.
Was surprised how many people  were shopping.
And to add to excitement, there was work in the median area  after the second tunnel .. was wondering if they were building another tunnel.
So a little delay   goin "in" [ to Costco ] but not on the  way home.. just moving traffic to different lanes each trip ....
10AM trip:
SJC -  closed
El Chante -  two lines from the east and the west, at least 45-50 cars in each line and  orderly  - but gas station closed
Going to Costco via Joco by pass ..
the very first gas station on the left /  mountain side, near an  over pass: 45 - 50 cars in   each line from the  east and west, and station closed.
The next gas station out in the middle of the highway on the right  - closed.
One station on the left  past  near  interchange /  intersection prior to  the shopping mall on the left mall on the hill - station closed, but at least 45 cars waiting in line. 
all other gas station seen on  the  way  to Costco  -  closed....
1PM  return trip :
the last gas station prior to the Joco by pass, on the right near an over-pass: earlier with 2 long lines, now with:  only one line of 45 cars from the  west,  and station open.
El Chante.. only one line  of  about 35 car, but cones up indicating station closed..
All other stations seen previously as closed,  were still  closed on trip back.
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Just came back from a necessary run to Farmacia GDL. Huge lines east and west of the BP station (where the Oxxo is) east of La Canacinta and west of Los Arroyos. Apparently they are open! One can get thru on the carretera both ways, but traffic has to go over on the shoulder going east to allow drivers to go west around the backup.

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