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There is a variation in the effectiveness of levothyroxin between makers, so if you change brands you need to see the doctor for titration. Some states NOB require a doctor's approval to change brands or to go generic because of it. Also, many insurers will only pay for brand names because of the costs to have the generics titrated with their associated costs.

When I got here I used Similares generic levothyroxin. My TSH went off the scale and my doctor put me on a specific brand and after the titration process told me to stay with the same brand.

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Cytomel (with an M) is a brand name in the US.  The generic name for this drug is Liothryonine (T3).

 This is the name you should ask for.

You will probably get a closely related thyroid product Levothyroxine (T4) which is marketed under the name Synthroid  (and others) in the US.

You should be able to easily switch to Levotiroxina (generic name in Mexico), Eutriox (brand name Mexico).  All you would need to do to check the dosage.   After taking the new drug for a month or two have thyroid blood test.  The physician can then easily adjust the dosge as needed.


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