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Elegante Prime Rib Dinner Saturday, January 26, 2019 at 6:30pm

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We had made reservations in mid January to have dinner here on the 26th to celebrate my wife’s birthday. We dine here with some frequency when we are at our home here in Ajijic and have always enjoyed it.

When my wife and I walked in that evening in we were greeted by the owner stopping us in the entrance and saying “Not tonight”. I said something about having reservations and she said oh you are  those people. Only after we were seated did we learn that they were only offering a prefix menu that evening. Our wonderful hostess/waitress tried her best to accommodate us but as my wife has a seafood allergy and doesn’t care for beef, there was not able to help. We love the staff and think Steve is a very talented chef. An apology from the owner would have kept us coming back!

If she hadn’t posted here thanking everyone for coming without apologizing to the frequent dinners who had made prior reservations that she was unable to accommodate,I would not have posted this.

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We are terrible sorry about your disappointment on Saturday night. We were under the impression that the waitress had notified you that the 26th was a special Prime Rib event. In your reservation, a lobster had been ordered. Unfortunately, we assumed the lobster was for your wife, not knowing of her allergy. Jeanne, the hostess,  was unaware of any problems until after you had left the restaurant.

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize for your disappointment and inconvenience.



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i appreciae your.apology, however that’s not entirely accurate. When we made our reservation, our waitress, who is wonderful, ask if we would like anything special that night. I said it would be nice if you had the lobster that night and my wife said the regular menu is fine as I really like the salmon.

Perhaps we will come back again under an assumed name so we don’t embarrass ourselves. 

Oops, I hope Larry and his wife didn’t have a problem as well.

As the last posters comment, no compensation is wanted or desired. Your thought is appreciated.

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Eric took the initiative to find my phone number in their reservation book and call me last night. I admitted to being a short tempered Irishman with a short fuse and was probablely already PO’d because I had just gotten a flat tire from a piece of rebar sticking  sticking out from the curb on Constitution. Bottom line: I’d be cutting off my nose to spite my face by not returning frequently to a restaurant as good as Elegante over a silly mistake.

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