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ISO Border Driver/Transport to Hire for 2 Cats, Dog from Ajijic, to McAllen TX, back to Ajijic

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Searching for an Experienced Border Driver with Small Van or Large SUV to Drive (with Me in vehicle)

From Ajijic, Across Border to McAllen, TX (overnight hotel). We would then leave McAllen early next day back to Ajijic. 

We will connect with my partner that will stay at same hotel in McAllen with items to transport back to Ajijic.

Items will be my 2 small cats and sweet Lab. There will also be a few boxes of personal items, dog bed,

2 floor lamps. Not tons of stuff…most important are the animals. I can send you pics of all items to be transported.


I am located in Ajijic. The drive to McAllen seems to be about 12 hours from Ajijic (I will even be glad to help drive, if requested).

I will, of course, pay for this service, vehicle gas and pay for overnight hotel room in McAllen (open to discuss trip details).

>>>  My time frame is flexible between Jan 15- Feb 15. >>>


I would need someone who has done this Border Trip previously and knows the route and is

familiar with crossing the Border both ways, esp back into MX, WITH ANIMALS & add’l items.

All pets will have ALL required paperwork, shots, etc by a USDA Accredited Vet.


Any Questions…Please PM me. I will then provide my cell number so we can talk together easier.

Mucho Gracias




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Pondering if I wanted to make a border run with my van to buy things with you paying the freight, I calculated the raw costs to be $400 USD for gas and $75 USD for tolls.

Just saying that your net costs should be at a minimum of $800 USD.

Good luck.


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As this OP is a bit dated, I don't know if anyone's looking at this anymore, BUT I'm in need of a driver making a "run" to the border for whatever, and interested in bring some herbal supplements back.  This could be a monthly gig as I can't get the vendor to Ship to Mexico yet, or a least until my order increases to a four figure demand.

PM me if there a "Transporter" out there.

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OK, I'll chime in. There is Zipp Transport who makes at least a couple of runs a month. Hugh and his crew do everything "by the book" so import taxes get paid and items checked to ensure there's nothing questionable in the shipment. It's really important that you follow their instructions to the "t"  to prevent any problems. They're a great source to use for those items that other companies won't send, due to the paperwork hassle, etc (ie, my favorite brand of organic Stevia).  


Hope that helps.

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