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Spencer's Holiday hours


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Does anyone know when Spencer will be open?  I emailed his office on Dec 23 and called today and got answering machine. I need a liquidacion done for an employee.and want to make sure it's legal. If he is going to be closed for several days, do you know of someone else who would do this for a reasonable charge?

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13 hours ago, Intercasa said:

Im back

Hola Spencer

My lawyer for my estate in Ontario has suggested i take him a copy of my trust...for the property we own here in MX.  Just for MY files...so that it is noted...legally...that we own property here. 

I know laws in Canada and Mexico do not consider the other country's trusts or wills...but my question is:  Can you translate our trust..it is many pages?  Or can you make copies of the existing one for me to take back?   My lawyer wanted a copy for the files there...and I'd like to do that.  And if you can do these services, what price would it be approximately?      

Happy New Year..............      

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It depends why you need them.  If for potential use outside Mexico then best bet is a certified copy legalized / apostilled and translated.  If it is just for information then a certified copy and only translations of the relevant pages (name and info, beneficiary provisions) to save my time and your money.  

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