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For several years we have been getting firewood from a guy/family who come around on spec to our house in Riberas from time to time.  They have stopped by a couple of times in the last month, but we told them we have plenty of wood for the time being, and to come back in the New Year.   However, with the colder-than-normal weather, we are using up our wood, and may need a supply earlier than that.

We would like to stick with the same people if possible, but don't have a way to get in touch with them.  We have always relied on their dropping by.   I hope, from the clues below, that someone will recognize them and pass on some contact information:

-the father used to come by, in his truck, but he died perhaps three years ago

-we think one of the brother's name is Victor

-one young brother stops by our house in Riberas on his bike when he asks us about buying wood

-they have brought us starter kindling (the sap-heavy stuff) which they say comes from Jocotepec from time to time.

Anyone recognize this family and have contact info?   Thanks

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Just a thought: Considering that Saul needs workers to load the wood onto his truck , drives here, has two guys bring multiple  armloads into our place and stack it neatly where we ask,  all serves to increase the price he charges us.  You might ask him what he'd charge if you picked up the wood yourself at his place.

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1 hour ago, stuphel said:

Gringal, does your post mean that the man we are looking to contact is named Saul?    Do you have is contact information?

I think his number is on another post, but here it is: 766-4275.  Nobody else in his household speaks English as far as I know, but he'll call you back if he's not there.

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