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Gas Heater


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Hit the red button several times while holding down the black button. Continue to hold down the black button for a moment once it lights. It should work especially on a new heater. Ours are over ten years old and light fine.


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1 hour ago, HarryB said:

mostly butane at this altitude.


Probably so, but whether propane or butane one still needs to make sure that the house/room has some ventilation. Much less of a problem IF the heater is catalytic (used inside RVs all the time).... as they don't create carbon monoxide.... but they DO consume some oxygen so there needs to be adequate ventilation.

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My workroom is in the center of the house with no direct ventilation to the outside.  It has a large skylight, so it gets really cold. The radiator-style electric heater wasn't doing the job, so I bought a gas heater. It stunk, and in order to get enough ventilation I would have had to get it from the windows in the adjacent living room, at which time the original purpose of getting warm wasn't working.  I sold it . YMMV.😉

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