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I HIGHLY recommend Dr Angelica Aldana Lena  for her skilled dentistry.  I recently had dental work done at two different but VERY popular clinics in Ajijic, and boy does she outshine them!  She is both  talented and observant.  After studying my x-rays, she noticed that a crown recently made by another local dentist was faulty.  She gave me the X-Ray and suggested I speak to my previous dentist. He agreed with her findings and subsequently is  making me a new crown! 

Dr Angelica does not rush and carefully considers the case of the individual. I have the highest respect for her as a person, and as a professional.  Her prices are VERY reasonable. I’ve had 5 crowns, and a root canal is needed (2 in my case) Dr Angelica works with an excellent periodontist, also a lady.  I’ve never had a female dentist.  What a great experience!   Btw, fluent English speaker.

Her clinic is next to the Mirasol entrance - San Antonio    Tel 01 376 765 5364 



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This is the same dentist whose office and handling conditions were unsanitary enough to cause a massive, recurring infection in my mouth. When I returned two days later, she denied anything was wrong and charged me for her time. I have since heard many horror stories.

There are always two sides.

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