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Thank you Telmex {sarcasm here} our internet service went out on November 10th and we waited until November 16th for the resumption of service, at 1/2 the speed we previously had!  We were getting 10 Mbps before Nov. 10, had been for over two years, and now have 5 Mbps.   Called telmex and was told that we were bumped off 5 for "someone else"  and will get our 10 back when they get around to installing a new server.  Having been a telmex customer for 14 years this is galling to say the least.  When we can get internet service from another company we will certainly jump at the chance.  5Mbps is barely OK for just surfing the net, but we use a software program that crashes at that speed.


(we are located in San Antonio Tlayacapan)

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3 hours ago, shirley said:

When we can get internet service from another company we will certainly jump at the chance

You may have choices you aren't aware of...  Both AT&T and Telcel offer cell-system based, home modems with a 10Mb speed.  The deals are nearly identical in price and details.

Your actual speed will vary depending on your proximity (and line of sight) to their individual cell-system towers.  AT&T offers a "test" SIM card valid for 10 or 15 days, which can be used in your cell phone, to test the specific speed available in your location.  Don't know if Telcel offers a test option.

Both have offices in Central Laguna Plaza.  10Mb program is 350 pesos per month.  Both deals require a contract.

I have one of each.  At my location, the Telcel seems to have a little better speed than the AT&T.

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