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Time for a winter poll on which restaurants are the warmest at Lakeside. Suggestions, please. (Yes, I know, I could just stand in front of my nice warm stove and cook;)

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5 minutes ago, Bisbee Gal said:

Many restaurants have portable heaters, but often not enough of them.  If you are unlucky to arrive after other tables have already asked to have the heaters moved close to them, it can be a chilly meal.  

And for this, we have heavy wraps and fuzzy boots.  Sooner than we think,  it will be too hot......so enjoy!

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Our indoor dining room is lovely and warm and we have two tower heaters for the Terrace (because it is semi enclosed they make it toasty) In addition this Saturday the 17th we have the Morelos Brothers Playing Cumbia !  Warm up on the dance floor!  Check out  the Lakeside Restaurant/Bistro Happenings on this web board for more details

Reservations recommended



Reservations 376 108-2309  or 331 771-164

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