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Transporting asthma inhalers to us


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I am flying Volaris from Guadalajara to Tijuana and my friend wants a bunch of asthma inhalers that she emailed me the prescription for, but of course it will be in her name. They are extremely cheap here compared to the US and required no prescription to buy in Mexico.

Even after calling Airlines I haven't gotten answers as to whether first- they will object to me bringing in that many liquids with carry on because inhaler would technically be qualified as such, or might they suspect it to weapons in disguise because it's an aerosol. I do have the prescription but it's not in my name, and I'm not doing checked-in bags.

Next Step would be getting through customs and I would be walking over the cbx bridge which goes from Tijuana to San Diego to enter the US. Obviously she doesn't want to invest a lot of money on 20 of them if they confiscate them all but it's a huge savings for her if not.

Muchas gracias!

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I usually pick up a few when here lakeside..typically 4-5 inhalers.  I have not had any problems at US customs bringing them in.  This has been on 4 different trips and always flying in.  

I have never checked them and always had them in a carry on.  While technically a liquid, it hasn't seemed to matter flying in either direction....TSA (and equivalent) haven't recognized it as such, and I do not put it in my liquids ziplock.

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