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Jesus Jimenez, Chuy our very dear friend, does it all, construction, plumbing, electrical, iron work, roofing...everything.  Builds houses from raw land.  VERY honest, VERY hardworking.  Built the house next to us.  Has done alot of updates for us.  Built many houses.  There is a great recommendation on this website by a lady.  She was very very impressed and grateful that he was all we said he was.

Jimenez Construction:  331 048 5343

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Be aware there's a real construction boom on around here and the best contractors will be booked up.  If they aren't working you probably don't want to hire them.  Be prepared for a wait to get one of the good ones.

In our 11 years here we've never seen anything like the level of new construction and major rehabs going on.  The construction workers are going to have a lot of dinero for buying fireworks this year for San Andreas.  Better find the earplugs!  :D


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I responded to someone from a post on this board, who had posted about Hebel, and 'experience in using Hebel', which is the product I wanted to use .... and I got completely burned.  The architect,  "builder" did not have the experience (understatement) he stated and more.    Spent a lot of money, way over budget, permanent damage and left lots of what I call 'damage control' issues.   We recently had to separate him from our house-building project, which for those of you who have built know that is a very serious decision  because of the implications.   For him, what applies is that the red flag for me should have been that he was 'available' and had only a couple of small projects   You are welcome to send me a PM for more information.   

After the fact, I found on this board that he was posting about 'salitre' fixes, and where to buy this or that.  And, he was recommending his 'worker' that he used once for a very small house across from the Waffle House.  He liked the worker (maestro =/-) because the person did everything.  However, in having just one person, the small house took 10 months to build ....  in the same time with more skilled people another much larger house could have been completed.  So, it sounded like the contractor and his 'maestro' did not have enough work in this booming period of time.

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