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Prescriptions at Costco


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And check with a local doctor or pharmacy as to whether the drugs you take are available in Mexico, or if not, what the equivalent is. And what your drugs are called here.

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My answer would be no.  How would the prescription get from your doctor in the USA to  the Costco store.   It would be better for you to bring the prescription in.   As others have said almost all drugs may be purchased without a prescription.  When asking a pharmacy in Mexico about a certain drug be sure to have the Generic name of the drug in addition to the US Brand name.  Drugs often have different brand names in Mexico.  Asking for a brand name you may be told they do not have the name when they do indeed carry it...just under a different name.   Hence, the need for the generic name also.   Finally my experience with 15 + years in Mexico is that the larger pharmacies here at Lakeside carry an equal inventory (maybe better) of drugs than Costco.  This is due to the large older gringo influence.

An Old Pharmacist



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