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Meeting planned: new Presidente de Chapala, and RIBERAS residents

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I've been asked to post this information:

The new Presidente (mayor) has asked to meet with Riberas residents to outline some plans he wants us to consider.  (I am hoping he might also want to hear OUR ideas but at least this is a start.)

There will be a couple of people to translate from Spanish to English.

The meeting will be held Monday, November 5 at  2:00 p.m.  in the Casa de la Cultura which is the big yellow building, former City Hall, on the main corner in Chapala..

Please get this info out to your Mexican neighbours as best you can and if you belong to social media groups, post there as well.  Thank you for that.

And finally, he would like to get an idea of numbers so please send me an email or call 765-3587 (message) if you are able to come.

It's a start, folks...

Linda Ball

Calle San Luis 449


lindaball2001 - at - yahoo.com 

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Yes, only Riberas at this point. It would be overwhelming, otherwise. And Riberas is, without a doubt, the most-poorly kept area lakeside. Nothing has ever been fixed as long as I have lived in this neighbourhood (almost 15 years), except street lights. And I mean nothing. For example, not too long ago a gas station went in. They performed their own street work. Somehow they left a very large water leak in the southwest corner of the lot, which has drained constantly since the opening, and never fixed it. The municipality has ignored it, and now the entire street of San Juan is almost completely potholed and miserable. And it was one of the better streets. Most streets suffer from incredible dips and holes, including av de la Ribera, thanks to the same kind of constant leakage from the Presbyterian church. There is no oversight. None.

The north side of the highway in Riberas is even worse. You pretty much need a 4x4 or an off-roader to get around.

Then there's the mechanic that opened on the corner beside the new Oxxo. He has so many cars, he has junked up the neighbourhood. It looks like a car dump around here. And you can't see around them to get on the highway.

So, one neighbourhood at a time works for me.

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