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Noe and The Classics - Back in Town

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One of the most popular bands lakeside for years was "Noe and the Classics". This Jalisco based band plays a variety of music from the classics (60's & 70s), rock, ballads, latin & instrumentals, singing in both Spanish and English.

Noe left lakeside for a new adventure over on the coast a few years ago. Today Noe (who is in town visiting family) stopped in to say hi and congratulate me on the new restaurant. One thing led to another and guess what.....?????


It seems a great launch for our Saturday Shrimp Fest (last week was kind of a soft trial). So put on your dancing shoes come have a fun evening with an old friend and enjoy 6 different shrimp specials each $170 pesos. Bobby NEVER charges a cover.

Bobbys La Terraza

Carretera Poniente #26

Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico 45920
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376 108 2309
331 771 1641
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Fantastic response to this post. We had a capacity crowd this last Saturday!  Thank you. We will be continuing our Saturday Shrimp Fiesta with 6 shrimp specials for only 170 pesos. The response to Noe and the Classics was great and he was overwhelmed by your welcome for him. He has asked to play again when he is next in town. I will keep you posted



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